The Language of Hypnobirthing

It is the intent of the Hypnobirthing philosophy to present and use language that describes what is happening during the birthing experience in a gentler, non-medical manner with words that evoke and emotion of feeling good rather than fear and lack of understanding. This, too, helps to shape the thought that birthing is natural, normal, and, in the absence of special circumstances, a totally healthy and unencumbered life event.

The sooner you learn and use these expressions, the more believable your presentation will be. If we suggest to women that they can have a safer, easier, comfortable birthing, we must discard the harsh, clinical terms of medicine. Those expressions that fill women with terror will affect your birthing experience if they are left in place.

The Language of Hypnobirthing

Medicalized LanguageHypnobirthing Language
Instead ofUse
Contraction / PainUterine Surge
CoachBirth Companion
Delivery / DeliverBirthing / Birth
Catch the BabyReceive the Baby
LabourBirthing / Birthing Process
Due DateBirthing Time / Month
PainPressure / Sensation / Tightening
Water BreakingMembranes Release
Birth CanalBirth Path
PushingBirth Breath (Breathing Down)
ComplicationsSpecial Circumstances
Mucous PlugUterine Seal
Bloody ShowBirth Show
TransitionNear completion / Nearly complete
Effacing / DilatingThinning / opening
FoetusPreborn / unborn
Primips / multips1st / 2nd time moms
False labourPractice Labour / Pre- labor warms-ups
Clients / patientsParents
Braxton – HicksPre-labor warm-ups
KegelsPelvic Floor Exercises

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