Hypnobirthing – Articles of Birth Affirmation

The Hypnobirthing belief that birth should be viewed as natural and healthy for the majority of women is expressed in the following Articles of Birth Affirmation. If these ideas and beliefs resonate with you and sound like the type of labour and birth you would like to have, consider doing my one of my birth education courses.


What is Hypnobirthing and how can it help you have a calmer, more comfortable birth?

Hypnobirthing is both a philosophy and a technique or method for birthing. Hypnobirthing advocates that childbirth is a natural, normal and healthy function for a women. Therefore for the majority of women who are having a low-risk pregnancy, their labour can be gentle and calm.

Birth Preparation, Hypnobirthing

Affirmations to prepare for and use during labour to reduce fear and pain

Birth affirmations are a powerful way to re-program your mind leading up to and during labour. Birth affirmations are positive phrases or statements that you repeat to yourself while you're in a calm, relaxed and meditative state during pregnancy or during labour. Generally affirmations are based on the law of attraction, the concept of 'you become or receive what you think about most'. Affirmations are used to manifest goals, dreams or experiences you desire.